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Color Grading Work in the Film Industry with DaVinci Resolve


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Apr 9, 2022
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Color Grading: Work in the Film Industry with DaVinci Resolve
Content Source:https://www.skillshare.com/en/class...inci-Resolve/100257506?via=search-layout-grid
Genre / Category:Film & Media
File Size :1.8GB​

Have you ever wondered what it's like to grade a project for someone else? Well in this course we take that real-world approach of grading a scene for a client.
We'll begin with the Client's look book to establish the look they're after and then grade through the scene to fulfill the Client's vision. It's much easier to grade something for yourself when you know what you want but when you have to create a look for someone else things can get a little more complicated. This class is for anyone aspiring to one day become a professional colorist or would love to come one step closer to grading like one!
In this class we'll cover:
Grading EnvironmentControl PanelsMonitorsPrimariesSecondariesMatchingPrimary OutClient's NotesAnd More!
This is an intermediate level course and the basics of Da Vinci Resolve and color grading as a whole would be very helpful. A beginner would still learn a lot though may not completely comprehend the technical aspects in the course. All are welcome!

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