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Good Noise Music How To Make A Launchpad Lightshow with Ableton Three Different Methods


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Apr 9, 2022
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Free Download Good Noise Music How To Make A Launchpad Lightshow with Ableton Three Different Methods
Content Source:https://goo.su/xhHWo01
Genre / Category:Sound Production
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Hey, It's Javen here from Good Noise. I'm an experienced music producer, and I make music related contents including launchpad lightshows on varies platform. That'll be the focus of today's class! You'll learn tips and tricks I use in creating a launchpad lightshow that you can incorporate into your workflow, to make a fantastic performance!​

In this class, you'll learn:
•How setup your Ableton and Novation Launchpad for building your lightshow
•How to setup your BPM or tempo in Ableton,
•3 different methods for building your launchpad cover.
•Some cool light effect ideas you can incorporate into your lightshow, and
•some plugins you can use to speed up the whole process.
The three different methods we'll cover are:
With Midi Clips: This is the fastest and easiest way, though you technically can't perform with this method. However, it's a great introduction into how to the program works with the Launchpad.
With Midi Effects: A little more complicated, but the go-to method for actually performing a launchpad lightshow.
With Max For Live: Requires the plugin Max For Live, which really streamlines and simplifies the process of lightshow creation.
If you prefer to have a face to face virtual course setup than online course, you could book a Zoom Session with me for consultation too, we will find a way that work best for you.
For your final project, you'll be creating:
A one-minute launchpad lightshow using one of the three methods taught in this class.
This class is for all level musicians, producers, visual and music lovers, I will walk you through the process step by step, and give you all the tools and techniques you need to build a good launchpad cover!
So let's get started - see you in class!
We are only scratching the surface of it.. Do you want to make it further and take it to the next level?

DOWNLOAD FREE: Good Noise Music How To Make A Launchpad Lightshow with Ableton Three Different Methods

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