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Postgresql PL/PGSQL Functions -Part 1


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Apr 9, 2022
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Published 1/2023
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Language: English | Size: 1.05 GB | Duration: 2h 0m
Improve your database performance with PL/PGSQL Functions​

What you'll learn
Lear what are Postgresql functions and their benifits
Learn the types of PL/PGSQL Functions types
How to apply each function type in a Postgresql server
practice with examples of all types of functions
knowledge of Postgresql
If you are a database developer and you put performance as goal to achieve with your DB design...then using PL/PGSQL functions is your excellent tool.In this course we will learn all about functions : Usage benifits.Structure & structure components.Syntax to create a function.And the core part of any function which is the body ... we will see with examples of which parts the body build.We see the different kinds of implementations in the body , starting with the variables, queries and the return results.We see with examples the different datatypes that we can RETURNS from a functionWe see the parameters that we can use to create a function .How to deal with different types of data that we process in a function such as ARRAY and mix data types value.How to RETURNS TABLES, RECORDS or Scalar variables.How to use special queries such as insert ,update ,delete with returning ... or use INTO clause and how to apply FOR & FOREACH Loopshow to use PERFORM and EXECUTEAll this we will practice with live examples on a postgresql server.P.S : THIS FUNCTIONS course in total consist of 2 parts with more than 15 videos divided in 2 parts in compliance with UDEMY rules
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Postgresql PL/PGSQL Functions introdution
Lecture 2 function structure
Lecture 3 Functions Variables
Lecture 4 Function Body implementation
Lecture 5 functions RETURNS types
Lecture 6 Function RETURNS RECORD composite type
Lecture 7 Function RETURNS RECORD composite type
all levels of Postgresql developers


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