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Specialist View On Orthodontic Patient Management


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Apr 9, 2022
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Last updated 1/2022
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Specialist view on orthodontic patient's assessment including history taking, clinical examination and risk management​

What you'll learn
1. Diagnose the most common malocclusions
2. Correctly present a differential diagnosis of the most common malocclusions
3. Create a problem list to address these malocclusions
4. Understand the most appropriate biomechanical system to address these malocclusions
5. Prescribe the correct appliances needed
6. Describe the most appropriate technique to resolve the studied malocclusion.
Passion to learn orthodontics and treat various malocclusion
Want to be orthodontist, not sure yet to get enrolled in residency program
Post graduate residence in orthodontics needs wide exposure
I welcome you all to my 1st session of an online orthodontic course for dental surgeons, undergraduate, and post-graduate students.Orthodontists - as specialists - are expected to be proficient in diagnosing anomalies of the face, teeth, and jaws, as well as identifying any coexisting deviations in physiological functions and systemic pathologies. As a member of the healthcare provider system, an orthodontist should have sufficient knowledge to recognize and record the etiology of a presenting malocclusion, which may be the result of a variety of systemic or local aberrations. This means any anomalies of anatomy, physiology, and the various medical conditions that may directly or indirectly influence the orthodontic diagnosis, treatment plan, mechanotherapy, or the prognosis of the case should be taken note of. In addition, the existing oral health conditions and problems with the dentition, ranging from quality and quantity of dentition, the morbidity associated with childhood trauma, dental caries, and/or periodontal diseases, which might require close collaboration with a variety of dental specialists, should be recorded.The consultation step is one of the most important steps in orthodontic treatment.This visit is all about decision making, you choose patients to treat based on your assessment and the patient chooses you based on the confidence they have in your capabilities.The treatment approaches are based on the application of a sound diagnosis, a well-developed problem list, which we formulate in a consultation session.Therefore orthodontic consultation demands sound skills & knowledge of the practitioner
Section 1: Module 1
Lecture 1 Art and science of orthodontic consultation- Specialist View
Lecture 2 Side effects of Orthodontic Treatment- Learn risk management in Orthodontics
Lecture 3 Clinical Examination in Orthodontics
Lecture 4 Dental & Facial Asymmetries, Diagnosis, Treatment planning and Management
Lecture 5 Clinical examination and record assessment sheet
General practitioner,BDS, Last year BDS students, post graduate residents in orthodontics


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