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Text Animation in PowerPoint for Presentations & Videos


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Apr 9, 2022
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Text Animation in PowerPoint for Presentations & Videos
Content Source:https://www.skillshare.com/en/class...owerPoint-for-Presentations-Videos/1071599069
Genre / Category:Other Tutorials
File Size :465MB

This class is a complete guide to creating advanced kinetic typography and text animations using PowerPoint. I am going to showcase how to properly apply animations in Microsoft PowerPoint to your text and how to use little-known tricks to make the entire project look like it would be made in advanced animation software.
You learn by working on a real-life project.
All the project files and resources are available for free within this class. You can work on my readyPowerPointfile if you want to replicate the animations or on the empty presentation file I have pre-populated with colors to make your workflow easier and quicker!
Why this class?
PowerPoint animation capabilities are limited, but with the right techniques, you can produce high-quality videos and animations within presentations with ease. Here I want to make sure that you will learnMicrosoft PowerPointand its animation functionalities in a proper and organized way.
If you are ready - let's start!
You can start watching the class and if you have any questions or suggestions post them in the Discussion tab within this class. I'm looking forward to seeing you inside!

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